Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Dreaded Gaps

from February 2008
When you take on the monumental task of teaching your own children, there is a lurking question: Will I miss something? I answered that one long ago with a resolved yes. Even with my own public school education, gaps abound. God's world is too vast to master it all. But last week, out of curiosity, I opened a science scope book I have on the shelf. I don't know why I have it. I can look at my girls and be completely content with their progress, but one peek in a book like that has potential to stir up all kinds of panic. As I browsed the book, I noticed that Rebekah's age group should know about the food groups. Of course, I try to feed the girls healthy, well-balanced meals, and we talk about healthy eating, but I've never "studied" it with Rebekah. Oh no, a gap!

Interestingly, the next day Rebekah wanted barley for lunch. As she ate, she asked, "Mom, is this healthy?" (another way of saying, "Look at this healthy lunch I'm eating, Mom.) I told her it was healthy but not well-balanced. Suddenly we were in a conversation about food groups which reminded her of a picture she saw in a book. She brought me a full-page, full-color picture of the food pyramid. In the following days, she purposed to have as many representatives of each group as possible on her plate.

This simple scenario reassured me yet again that I don't need to follow someone else's prescribed curriculum to avoid the dreaded gaps. Just by living life and seizing the moment--at least this time--Rebekah could check the box on the scope (figuratively speaking, of course). But even taking me out of the equation she, being a learner herself, knew where to look for additional information. If she can do that, I'm confident she will be able to fill those pesky gaps as they appear.

Now, will you remind me of that next time I look at one of those scope books?

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