Editing on the Go

How good are you at spotting grammar mistakes in public places?  Observe carefully; you’ll be surprised by how many you discover. I'll share the ones I find; you can edit them. 

An Online News Report

Multiple accidents left dozens of vehicles wrecked, at one dozen motorists injured and hundreds of people stranded along a 9-mile stretch of toll road between the Willow Grove and Bensalem/U.S. 1 exits in the Feasterville-Trevose area of Bucks and Montgomery Counties....From there, another series of other crashes occurred within moments. The wreckage included at least 16 cars and SUVs piled up behind two big rigs, an overturned van. A jackknifed tractor-trailer, also involved in that crash, had multiple cars wedged between and underneath it. A moving van sideways on the partially slushy roadway.

A Church Sign

Men's and Womens' groups open to the community

A Quiz Sent Through E-mail

Are you ready for the MOST HARDEST quiz ever?

Another E-mailed Quiz

My supper hard quiz!

An E-mail

No pressure at all but if you would like to buy any please let Justin or I know.

A Sign

Men's and Woman's Haircuts

A Handwritten Ad

Hardworking and dependable
contractors with expirence

If things are a little slow for you right now, and your looking for some work call John Castner.

A News Article

Later in the segment, Hannity offered Pascrell a $10,000 bet, “you’re charity against mine,” that Congress has a “special subsidy that the American people don’t have.”

Wal-Mart Sign

on clearance

As is

A Book

What is wrong with this sentence?

"He was betrayed, tortured, and suffered a terrible death at their hands."


Pool Brochure

When I paid my bill at the borough office, I picked up a brochure for the community pool. Can you please edit it?!

"We will be holding many special events this summer feel free to join us."

"Look for other special events, this summer including Game Day, Phillies Night and Movie Night!"

"2013 Opening Day--Special Community Event--Saturday May 25th"

"Discount daily pass packages are available with the rental of our air conditioned Community Room offering an easy access to the pool area making it a convenient meeting place for any type of party"


For Sale

Apparently a couple of local rabbits are prolific because every summer the owners want to sell the young 'uns. The sign always looks the same. What is wrong with it?
Bunnys for sale

Yard Sign

A yard sign announced, “Live soberly, righteously, and godly.”  Do you see a problem with this?  What is it?


Bulletin ad

What do you think of this sentence taken from a church bulletin?  How can we make it better?

“This class will help you get and stay out of debt, develop a budget, how to invest wisely, and lots more.”



Our orthodontist is better at straightening teeth than editing.  Please help him.

“The origional retainer is included with the origional fee.”

“Initially, wear retainer ALL day and night except when your are eating or brushing your teeth…Take asprin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen every 4 hours for 3-4 days to relieve discomfort.


An E-mail

In an e-mail, I said that something was stuffed full.  What is wrong with this?

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