Unsolicited comments from students and parents:

From Emma, a student:  I have good news! I entered a local writing contest that l found out about at our homeschool group. I chose to enter the entry about Cystic Fibrosis l wrote while in your class. The prizes for 1st place were $25, a blue ribbon, and a certificate. The contest was for all of Chester County and for grades 4-6 to enter. Because I  took your grammar classes, l won 1st place in the contest and am now moving on to the state level!!!Now I am thankful for the writing and grammar classes -- Thank you!

From Catherine, a parent: I really appreciate you for what you have done for Sarah.  She has learned a lot from you. 

From John, a parent: Thank YOU for working with the girls this fall.  They found it rigorous but very enjoyable.  I think that's a perfect balance in education.

From Alex, a student: Mrs. Hughes, you were my favorite teacher this year! Thanks for banging it into my head that I need to revise, revise, REVISE!

From Elisabeth, a student: Thanks for being an awesome teacher Mrs. Hughes!!

From Cassie, a student: Thank you SO MUCH for all you did this year Mrs. Hughes. You are a really fun, awesome, helpful, encouraging teacher!!

From Mary, a student:

    I didn't know what to expect at all when I walked into your classroom. I only knew one or two faces, most certainly not your own. I was silenced by my own nervous energy.But then I got to know you. I got to experience first-hand how personal of a teacher you were. You always strived to cut my words down (no matter how greatly I loved them!) and truly give me a valuable experience to use throughout the rest of my life.
    You let me express myself through my writing. You didn't pack me into a neat, concrete box where I wasn't allowed to stretch my imagination. I had my falters and fallings but you knew, and let me know, that it is only part of the learning process.
    I truly want to thank you for all that you've done for me this year. You've taught me multiple life lessons that are not only limited to writing and public speaking, but how to go more graciously through life. Sure, certainly at times I lost my cool or control and I regret that I might have been disruptive or disrespectful. But honesty I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, both academically, personally, and spiritually.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your daughter even made this year so much easier for me. I wasn't sure that I would be able to handle such a great deal of work and straight-class-time (you've seen how stir-crazy I can get) but sitting next to Janessa added a bit of life and sparkle to my days that I believe she inherited from you c:
    Thank you so fabulously for everything you've done for me.

From Cindy, a colleague and friend

From Connie, a parent:
You crack me up. I was reading your homework doc. to (child's name) yesterday. You're so cute! Thanks for making me laugh and relating so well to my son.

From Rachel, a student:
From the Acknowledgements of her newly published book Finding FaithMrs. Hughes...my 10th grade English teacher...I don't know what to say, I really don't think I would be where I am right now without all that you have taught me. You taught me that editing something numerous times doesn't mean it's bad, it makes it better! You have stretched me and encouraged me to do better because you knew I could. Thank you for everything!

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