Saturday, April 27, 2013


Editing, the last step before publishing, focuses on the nitty-gritty: the spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and overall appearance of the piece. Spending time with it earlier in the process is not advisable because anything that is revised needs to be rechecked.

Backwards reading
When your student knows his piece well, it's hard to back away from it and see the mistakes. Reading from the end--the last sentence, then the second to the last sentence, and so forth--to the beginning of the piece will remove the sentences from the flow of meaning, allowing him to recognize mistakes he might otherwise miss.

Change the font.
If the composition is on the computer, your student can give it a new look which will force her to look at it differently. Have her change the font style or size and read it again, looking for errors in mechanics.

Ask for help.
Let students ask someone with an eye for detail to review the piece.

Don't rely on spell-check.
In a goofy response to a friend, I typed, "Ewe just knead too no eye halve you're back."  Spell-check didn't notice anything was amiss.

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