Tuesday, March 25, 2014


For a quick and easy writing assignment, ask young writers to think of and write a list of clues for a mystery object or person. The details of each clue should be specific, without actually naming the object/person.

Writers can choose their own topics, or you can gather objects (not people!) and place them in bags.

Here is one example by a young writer:

What Am I?
I puncture arms and legs. 
I help to keep people healthy. 
I make children scream. 
I am used to sew. 
After doctors and nurses use me in their offices, I make people feel sick for a few days after I am used. 
Sometimes, people use me to remove splinters. 
Like a vampire, I suck vials of blood. 
What am I? 
A needle
To challenge older writers, suggest they write their riddle as a paragraph, varying the way they begin each sentence. The goal is to keep the riddle from sounding "listy."

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