Monday, November 25, 2013

Woe Is I, Jr. Lessons: Chapter 2


I have written lessons to accompany Woe Is I, Jr., a grammar handbook for kids. You can read my introductory comments here, the lesson for chapter 1 here.
1.   Read chapter 2 and do what O’Conner suggests.

2.   Write five words for each plural ending (s, es, ies) which don’t appear on any of O’Conner’s lists. (You can do this informally or use the worksheet here.)

3.   Write about a recent trip to a store. Make every noun plural.

4.   Practice your plurals here.

5. Show us what happened at the store in the comments.

Go to Lesson 3.

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  1. Making all of the nouns plural required some revisions. Here is one example from a student.

    My Trips to the Stores

    Two weeks ago, I went to Kohls department stores with my moms and two sisters. My main reasons for going were to find new pairs of boots. What I really wanted were pairs of black combat boots, but the stores didn’t have my sizes. I was disappointed, but my moms showed me other pairs of gray boots that I like. I got those instead. Then I had to spend half-an-hours waiting for my sisters to be done looking around for clothes. It wasn’t all a waste though because, while waiting, I was able to find cute, fuzzy, black sweatshirts.


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