Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coilbound Books

Year ago I offered a class in my home. The objective for the students was simple:  to write a variety of pieces to include in a coilbound book. The students included a cover, Table of Contents, dedication, and About the Author. Simple but effective.

Your students can make their own books, too. Maybe they have ten (or so) pieces scattered on notebook paper. Have them walk through the writing process for each one, moving the pieces from rough to polished. Or maybe you're at a loss for what should go in the book. If that's the case, browse through the ideas in Inspiration. Choose assignments that will interest your students and get them writing.

Details to Consider:
  • Because these are polished pieces, they need titles.
  • Typing the pieces will make the books look crisp and finished.
  • You will have a sturdier book if you print the text on cardstock.
  • Illustrations would add a nice touch.
  • I highly recommend the extras: the cover, Table of Contents, dedication, and About the Author.
  • Binding is available at office supply stores. It's fast and it's cheap.

Once the books are ready, set them on the coffee table where family and visitors can page through them. Don't be surprised if you find the authors looking through them as well. They'll be that proud!

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