Monday, June 24, 2013

Questions, Questions

Do apple seeds dream happily of growing up to be a tree?

How many little fish might see the stone I throw into the sea?

These are questions Marcus Pfister asks in his simple picture book Questions, Questions. Since we know curious children are an endless reservoir of questions, let's record some of them. Give students a sheet of paper with the title "Questions, Questions." When they ask questions throughout the day, direct them to the paper, where they can write them. Add the questions one after another, until students have a healthy list.

If your students are young, they can write and illustrate their best questions in a mini-book. Assignment accomplished. If they are older, you can expand this assignment, having them follow the example of Pfister whose questions are couplets 14-16 syllables long. Now they will have to figure out how to revise their questions, making them sound poetic with rhythm and rhyme.

If your students do this assignment, please include their best questions in the comments!

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